Mississippi Master BBQ Rub – Great on Everything

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Stir up the barbecue, it is time to get cooking

Calling all bbq warriors, weekend grillers and nervous beginners…..now is the time to shine! Invite your friends and family over and give them the best darn barbeque they’ve ever experienced.

Generously sprinkle our master rub to your chicken, pork, beef and fish, rub it in good and cook over an indirect heat. Watch the rub seep into the meat as it cooks, while adding awesome flavour to everything it touches! Whether you’re cooking directly on the gas bbq or in a pan, be sure to keep an eye on things to prevent charring or scorching.

Serving suggestions

Spatchcock chicken? Rack of ribs? Juicy steaks? Thick pork chops? Whatever you love to cook You are going to be excited to know that our rub is universal which means it pretty much goes with anything. In truth, there isn’t anything that we’ve tried that doesn’t work. Skewered prawns with our Mississippi rub are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and let’s not even go there with the pork, it’s too awesome for words. Use as a chicken rub with a side of chips and corn on the cob for an easy weekday meal. Don’t just take our word for it, you want to check out it for yourself to really imagine it. You are going to not be disappointed.

BUY NOW and add some Mississippi zing to your bbq

IT’S BBQ TIME – get your grill on and serve up some delicious meat and fish, seasoned with our awesome Mississippi Master BBQ rub, your guests will be queuing for more, so you better buy the larger size!
SOURCE – with sweet and spicy, American inspired flavours our barbecue seasoning’s are made on UK soil and presented to you in a handy shaker jar so you’ll be able to shake away and season your pork, beef and chicken to your hearts content
100% NATURAL – we are proud to say that our gluten free seasoning rub contains no MSG or sulphates, In truth it doesn’t have anything artificial in it at all, it is 175ml of pure tasty goodness suitable for coeliac and vegetarians
FLAVOUR – this 175ml jar contains a melting pot of different flavours and styles that the American Deep South is famous for. It’s so versatile you’ll be able to add it to any meat for an affect of flavour
INGREDIENTS – we’ve taken inspiration from sweet Tennessee to the north and spicy Louisiana to the south to bring you an amazing Mississippi rub that you’ll be able to use for BBQ’s, a bbq smoker and and indoor cooking too